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We know food is one of the single greatest influencers on health, both within our bodies and on the environment around us. Our company was founded on the belief that we don’t have to choose between foods that taste good, and ones that are better for us and the planet. You shouldn’t have to settle for choosing between bad for you products, ones that fake being healthier, or taste like cardboard.  

You deserve better.

That is why at Hoppy Planet Foods, our mission is to bring delicious, more nutritious, and sustainable snacks to the world. Supported by our key ingredient, Acheta Protein, we strive to delight our customers by rebuilding everyday snacks with these core principles in mind. That means All-Natural, Non-GMO snacks with 2-3x the protein, fewer carbs and added sugars, and a smaller environmental footprint than what you’re probably eating today. In other words, we make the foods you love, love you back!

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Why Now?


Experts all over the country agree it's time to incorporate Acheta and other insect proteins into your diet. Click any of the circles below
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